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Originally Posted by Flash O'Groove View Post
You didn't read with enough attention, or I wasn't able to be clear (which is likely). I did not compare Safin's level with Budge and Kramer. I mentioned the possibility that Safin will remain in the history of the sport, not by true objective greatness, but because he is so highly regarded among his peers, and among the public. He is here in every discussion about peak level of play. I compared it with Budge, who is more known for being lauded by Kramer than for his achievements.

In the case of Hoad and Budge, we have few direct datas to rank them very high in a goat list. We have to rely on peer's evaluation, but we cannot control the reasons behind these evaluation. As Benhur said, it is convenient to a player to hype his rival, because if he dominate him, it makes him even better, and if he is dominated, he has an excellent excuse. Beside, Rosewall and Laver where extremely humble and polite person who certainly preferred congratulate fellows tennis players than criticize them.

It might become the same for Safin (it is just an hypothesis): like Hoad, he is very popular. Like Hoad, he beated the best here and there. Like Hoad, he wasn't dedicated enough.
Flash, nevertheless, Safin is in another category than Budge and Kramer: Budge and Kramer realized much, much more than Safin did. We know enough about the two oldies.

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