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[QUOTE=ARFED;7293893]Austrian expert, i`ve heard Bud Collins more than once saying that Fed is the greatest player of the Open era, so i think that he ranks him pretty high. And again you just showed that the first time you picked up a racqet was 2 weeks ago, when you throw some of them accidentally on the floor in a store.

Seroiusly Bobby, seriously???? Nadal would have the upper hand against Federer with a wood racquet???

You know that the truth is not in the books, it is out there. Go, play some tennis, feel the emotion, and then comeback and we can discuss.[/QUOTE

Argentinian Federer, It is not a discussion between us. It's just hate against me!

I did write that Collins ranks Federer high (top 5).

I don't understand your silly joke...

Since Nadal usually beats Federer, why should he not been able to do the same when both are using wood racquets? Or have you misinterpreted me that only Nadal would use wood? It would be fitting for you, ignorant and hater.
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