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Originally Posted by Tcbtennis View Post
I guess that in the world of highly competitive junior sports.
Kids of 12 years, training 2 to 3 hours a day, 5 days a week and in the weekend a tournament. It is a lot on the body of a kid, still growing and not yet in fast lane of the growing.

On the other hand some numbers:
- most current top 100 players needed 5 to 6 years to reach the top 100
- I think at the moment there are 3 players in top 100 21 years of younger. Well maybe only 2 because Roanic is 22.
- Average age of top 10 is 27

Is it needed to "stress out" the kids, bring possible damage to joints, and other parts of a not fully grown body?

It is for them of involved to answer it to them self. I see kids of 9, 10 years playing with a full size racket, which is on the stiff to very stiff side. Just to have more power to win matches in their age group and possible loose on learning the technique.

Originally Posted by Tcbtennis View Post
Poly strings are a no brainer in the competitive junior tennis world.
They are used. Yes, but spoke with a lot of coaches, many do not care, sorry to state but to be honest to many just do not know enough about rackets and strings or stringing in general.

They often have a deal with a brand, which provide them some or more rackets and strings. That is where they play with and by that they are promoting it. When they get a different deal they switch. When they have to pay it their self you get sometimes nice changes in attitude.

For the few who do care, they go with the softer strings, softer rackets to learn the basic as well as possible. But they do know it is hard to talk the kids out of the big players equipments.

Originally Posted by Tcbtennis View Post
That involves using the best equipment, having the best training you can get and most importantly sacrificing some of your childhood so you can train at these high levels.
There is short term and long term. I have been around for a long time. Advised many pro players. They had offers to play for money with certain brands, but most were wise enough to go for the their style of tennis matching rackets and take best strings. Not the money.

Technique and control is important at younger and development age. What you learn at this time will stay there. Once a wrong serve you will stuck with it.
Once arm problems it will be hard to get rid of it.

Originally Posted by Tcbtennis View Post
You are not the only one who has written criticism about the use of poly strings by a young child but unfortunately that is the way it is.
I do not think you are right in this statement. It is not needed to do something just because all others are doing it.

I have 2 kids (10.5 and 12). Both played with Tecnifibre NRG2 1.18 at 19 to 20 kg until breakage got to quick. Now they play with NRg2 1.24.
But that is my choice, but based on being long in the business for as much at that has value.

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