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Originally Posted by EastAngels2014 View Post
I am using pro line 2 and gamma synthetic, at 52/54 and i like how it feels but my main purpose of the thread was to figure out if getting a reel of synthetic for cheap would do the same job as a multi in terms of softening the string bed.
How about reversing the poly/syn gut to syn gut/poly or multi/poly?

I recall trying the pro supex big ace 1.25 in mains with multi cross vs multi mains with big ace cross. The difference in stringbed softness is huge.

The surprising thing I noticed was the control and spin levels did not drop much with multi mains. It was so comfortable that it almost felt like a fullbed of multis to me, without the mushiness.

Between using multi or syn gut cross with poly mains, I felt multi generally have much better vibration dampening, especially with a stiff poly mains. Softness seems about the same.
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