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Originally Posted by BrooklynNY View Post
You are correct. This thread is absolutely hilarious to/for me

My buddy owns a pro shop in Long Island and about 2 yrs ago, I had an obsession with classic tennis and wooden racquets, he gave me a Davis Regency wooden frame and a few others and I had him string it up freshly. I played quite a bit with a wooden frame last summer too. I am a 4.5 but at the time I was still rated 4.0 by the USTA ranking system.

Anyway, I've actually played 2 4.0 singles matches with a wooden racquet. The guys were a bit older than I am so my movement may have helped neutralize the power. I also don't have overly western strokes and I would like to think I have an all court game.

On indoor hard I won 6-3 6-2 and on very dry and sandy har-tru, I won 6-3 5-7 10-5 in the breaker.

The one guy I beat in straights looked at me strangely, and I think it became more of a mental match. We played a tough match and at first it was tough to adjust to the weight of shot difference.

But... Once you get ahead against someone with a wooden racquet, and they realize you can actually play pretty well with it(if you can) it becomes a battle in their mind about between "How the hell can I be losing to a guy with a wooden racquet" and "Why is this *****hole really playing with a wooden racquet in a USTA match".

The other guy was super cool after and said he felt like he was playing Borg (haha) and that he had a Donnay Borg at home but had never thought of hitting with it, we actually went back out on the courts and I let him hit some balls with it.

I can see how someone might take offense to it, If someone showed up to play me with a wooden racquet I'd either be like WTF, or actually be very frightened.

If you play USTA tennis, you know looking at peoples match history is a big part of tennis sometimes, and I still kind of get ****ed(not really, haha) that there isn't an astrisk on on TennisLink next to those 2 singles matches I played to signify that I played with those 2 matches with a woody.

Anyway, this is probably my longest contribution to these forums to date, when I read the thread I had to reply, it's a true and funny story, was a great experience. If anyone in the NYC area wants to play some woody tennis, I have a few perfectly and recently strung frames if you want to hit.
Ok. That's very interesting. So it looks like from your experience, if you were to answer the poll you'd say a slightly better 3.5 with wood is all that's needed to beat an average 3.5 with a modern racquet. Right?
I'm glad I entered that option, which occured to me only at the last minute.
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