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Default Which Setup for HEAD Graphene Speed Pro?

I have 4 Head Graphene Speed Pro's on the way, and I'm debating between 2 string setups. Hopefully some people on the Racquet forum will have some experience with the Graphene Speed Pro and possibly some insight as to which would work best in this frame:
1. Full-bed of Head Sonic Pro Edge
2. Hybrid of Sonic Pro Edge/Mantis Comfort Synthetic (MCS)

Some details:
I am an aggressive baseline player who likes to use a lot of spin. The new Graphene Speed Pro's have an 18x20 string pattern and this will be my first switch to a racquet with such a dense string pattern, so keep that in mind.
I am also thinking that if I hybrid the Sonic Pro Edge, I can get twice as many setups out of it. Don't get me wrong I love MCS, but using such a hybrid might change the overall feel of the stringbed. I don't want to sacrifice any spin or control, nor add much power. This is because I am transitioning into an advanced, competitive-level player and need all the control I can get; thus the new racquets with the denser string pattern.
On the other hand, the Mantis Comfort Synthetic in the crosses might make the racquet "come alive."
Previously I have been using a Wilson BLX Pro Open (16x19) strung as a hybrid with Cyclone 17/MCS, but I think it's time for that to change in its entirety.

Any thoughts?
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