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Originally Posted by johndagolfer View Post
Dawg any predictions for this weekend? I'll be there!
If these are the lineups then I like Georgia in 3 singles matches and Kentucky in 3 with the doubles winner deciding it. I think the Minc/Smith match is probably a tossup but with it being indoors that'd probably give a slight edge to Minc. We've not played as well lately at #2 dubs so if we drop that one we probably losing the point. If the weather was going to be better and the match played outdoors I'd probably come up for it but since it's indoors it could go on for 4 or 5 hours and I don't think I can get a hall pass for the whole day on a Sunday.

Singh over Rossi (65%)
Jomby over Pasha (70%)
Wagland over Gomez (90%)
Minc over Smith (55%)
Pieters over Roberts (80%)
Lai over Brasseaux (95%)
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