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I switched from mid to midplus very recently. I extra love the oomph I get on my forehands now, and the serve is improved too. But the loss of accuracy on my backhands is very noticeable. However, it's so nice having twice the size of sweet spot and framed shots still going back over the net. I will say this: playing with mids puts a huge onus on my feet and lower body because it I don't get into proper hitting position, I can just kiss the shot goodbye; but this is not the case when playing the midpluses. CONCLUSION- The skill level differential needed for playing 70inch woodies as well as if playing 98inch graphene, to my thinking, lies almost entirely with fitness i.e. movement skills. Many people say what sets 4.0s above 3.5s is the 4.0s can rally longer/are more consistent, while neither the 3.5 nor the 4.0 is going to be hitting very flashy looking shots per the norm. By the way, as I survey the 4.5s, their strokes are infinitely more technically sound than a 3.5s or a 4.0s. Yeah so I think somewhere between 4.0 and 4.5 is the answer to the poll, and not surprisingly, respondents have chosen 4.0 and 4.5 an equal number of times (4x)so far

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