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I've got a full bed of Sonic Pro Edge @ 50lbs in mine at the moment. Impressions so far are:

- It has plenty of power (so much that I'm thinking of going 52-54lbs next time)
- The feel is very muted and a bit softer compared to the factory Sonic Pro. Definitely a very soft and comfortable poly.
- Control is just simply amazing. On every stroke I just feel as though I can get the ball to go exactly where I want it. Groundies, volleys and even lobs seem like they are a foot or so more precise than my old IG Speed 16x19.
- Spin seems to be maybe slightly less or just on par with Sonic Pro which is weird given the Edge is textured. Maybe it has a bit to do with the different gauge (16 v 17). But for an 18x20 it still has plenty of spin potential.
- Tension retention has been good compared to Sonic Pro, but I've only had two x 3 hours sessions hitting with grown ups and maybe 7 hours with the kids and low compression balls. By this time Sonic Pro had started to noticeably stiffen and play harsh but the Edge is yet to do that.

I will probably do a hybrid just for the sake of it as I've got some Synth Gut PPS sitting around but to be honest for me I really can't see what it will get me. So far there hasn't been one thing I've asked of this combo that it hasn't been able to deliver on at a high or very high level.
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