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Originally Posted by ollinger View Post
^^ I keep tins of sardines in my desk, also find that they leave me not terribly hungry for anything else after I eat them. Be sure to get the skinless and boneless filets, though the bones in the whole sardine are fairly soft and edible, some very motivated women I know get the whole sardine and eat them for the calcium.
I've had my own experience with eating too much salmon. Bought several hundred dollars worth of frozen wild BC sashimi grade fish, thinking the stuff from Canada was lower in murcury content.
Then I set about eating .5-.75 pounds of it every day (dinner and lunch). At the same time i was taking (NOT molecularly distilled) Norwegian Codliver oil. After about ~18 days I started getting pains in my arms and legs. then ~22 days in the cramps were getting worse and i started forgetting simple words. Then one day in the shower i woke up and couldnt get out of bed i had lancing pains in my neck so painful i couldn't get up for about 30 hours. Cutting the fish and the pain slowly disappeared.

My doctor told me that he had a patient who had mercury poisoning from daily eating too much canned tuna fish.

Also reminds me of Jeremy Piven, who was in the news a few years ago having to back out of a play, as he was suffering from mercury poisoning just like me from eating so much raw sushi and got mercury poisoning. Nobody believed him in the media... well except me...

I'm curious how pacific sardines compare in ppm vs pacific salmon.

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