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Originally Posted by anubis View Post
"Control" is a relative term. i wish I learned this years ago instead of trying out dozens of radically different racquets, such as what you have listed above.

If you are a flat hitter, who doesn't use a modern stance, who hits through the ball, then for "control" you want a dense string pattern with a high static weight to plow through the ball.

If you use the modern technique (open stance, swinging low to high, semi-western grip, lots of topspin) then "control" to you is a different animal from the above example. For you, control is massive amounts of spin, that's what keeps your ball in play. For that, you need something that you can maneuver well, something you can swing very fast. Something with an open string pattern.
Thanks Anubis for the insight. I actually hit both styles depending on the opponent. People have told me both the things on different occasions that -- I had a lot of spin making it difficult to hit -- and on different occasions, my shots were flatter but faster. I am currently playing with Wilson Untra Superlite Titanium (they dont make those anymore) with 11.1oz strung weight and 1pt HH and 16x20 pattern. I wanted to purchase a more pro model (so to speak).
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