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Originally Posted by BrooklynNY View Post
Thanks Seventeen!

Benhur: I mean, I would think that someone would need to be a half a level higher in order to win, keep in mind there was about 10-15 year age difference.

If I was playing someone exactly to my specs,age, and ability I don't think I would win. I firmly believe I was better than those guys I played, so to say a slightly better equal level player would win I don't think would happen THAT often, I don't know

They could have been one of those low level 4.0s, who are basically really 3.5s in disguise
You should carry out more of those experiments once in a while with players you usually beat (but not too easily) to see if the result is very different. If they get offended, you can always explain you're doing tennis research. I've actually been trying to find out if any research of this kind has ever been done, I mean trying to measure exactly how much skill deficiency can the modern equipment compensate in actual play. I know there have been some tests measuring serve speeds by the same players with wood vs current racquets, but I haven't seen anything for actual play and how it would affect the average results.
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