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Originally Posted by canadad View Post
My arm pain disappeared completely after using the Ki5. At first I did have the pain but an injured arm needs time to heal. I used many racquets in my quest to solve my arm problems. I used a Becker London for a while and it was good as well. However no racquet was quite like the PK Ki5. My problems were from the shoulder to the triceps and biceps. The other measures I took were the following:
1. Rest
2. Ice after every session to bring down inflammation.
3. I used a compression sleeve briefly with some success.
4. Multi strings.
5. I was pronating heavily on my serve. I went from a eastern BH grip to a continental.
6. Look at how you are sleeping, I was sleeping with my arm twisted under my pillow and head. So basically my arm was in an awkward position for 8 hours with poor circulation. Sleeping differently has I believe had the greatest impact in my recovery.

Canadad, you hit on something not many hit on. . . how you sleep!

You can really annoy a bad shoulder by sleeping on it. I always tell people that my dentist made my change my frame. . . he saw toothgrinding, which takes place at night, and apparently my bum shoulder was causing it!

So I started sleeping on the other side and used a different racquet and it all cleared up fairly quickly.
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