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Originally Posted by Oz_Rocket View Post
I've got a full bed of Sonic Pro Edge @ 50lbs in mine at the moment. Impressions so far are:

- It has plenty of power (so much that I'm thinking of going 52-54lbs next time)
- The feel is very muted and a bit softer compared to the factory Sonic Pro. Definitely a very soft and comfortable poly.
- Control is just simply amazing. On every stroke I just feel as though I can get the ball to go exactly where I want it. Groundies, volleys and even lobs seem like they are a foot or so more precise than my old IG Speed 16x19.
- Spin seems to be maybe slightly less or just on par with Sonic Pro which is weird given the Edge is textured. Maybe it has a bit to do with the different gauge (16 v 17). But for an 18x20 it still has plenty of spin potential.
- Tension retention has been good compared to Sonic Pro, but I've only had two x 3 hours sessions hitting with grown ups and maybe 7 hours with the kids and low compression balls. By this time Sonic Pro had started to noticeably stiffen and play harsh but the Edge is yet to do that.

I will probably do a hybrid just for the sake of it as I've got some Synth Gut PPS sitting around but to be honest for me I really can't see what it will get me. So far there hasn't been one thing I've asked of this combo that it hasn't been able to deliver on at a high or very high level.
So you like the Sonic Pro Edge as a full-bed in the Graphene Speed Pro? Do you think that putting a multifilament in the crosses, such as Mantis Comfort Synthetic, would sacrifice any of its attributes? Or instead would it add some positive qualities?
Additionally, the reel of Sonic Pro Edge would last twice as long if I used it in a hybrid.

What does everyone else think about the two options?
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