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Originally Posted by Boricua View Post
Mellow Yellow. That is funny. Like to see you playin a singles match on those conditions, Mellow
I never actually smoked banana peels. But some did back then. Did try catnip tho'.

Originally Posted by ollinger View Post
King Oscar and Season brand are in the grocery store I frequent, but Trader Joe is everywhere lately so I'll have to check his out.
Went to pick up some sardines from TJs yesterday. Got the TJs lightly smoked version with skin/bones. The particular TJs store that I went to was out of the skinless, boneless variety. They did not expect any more until August. If you find any in the TJs in your area you might want to stock up on it since it may become unavailable until the end of Summer. Give the smoked version in olive oil (with skin/bones) a try. You might like it. Some ppl also like their sardines with a squeeze of lemon.

Some years back, TJs carried a brand that had very small sardines in a fish (salmon) oil. It may have been a King Oscar product. Not been able to find this anywhere lately. Have you seen it?

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