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Originally Posted by gavna View Post
And I bet the reason is outside of Europe (and a few other places where they teach geography) no one knew whe the hell Estoril is! I bet 99.9% of Americans ,don't even know where Portugal is and couldn't find it on the map.
Portugal is like suburban Spain. Kidding.

But, it is Spain's neighbor on the Iberian Peninsula. Generally west of Spain, but also south of a portion of Spain, since it's coast doesn't run the entire length of the peninsula.

I was a total geography nerd as a kid. I would sit and listen to headphones and look at my parents' world atlas. And, I would look at metro area and state maps in the gigantic road atlas that people used to take on trips. Gave me a general sense of where everything is in relation to other things. I'm betting kids aren't doing that much these days.
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