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Originally Posted by sberman51 View Post
Do you think that putting a multifilament in the crosses, such as Mantis Comfort Synthetic, would sacrifice any of its attributes?
Since coming back to tennis last year from over a decade away I haven't had the chance to play with any multis aside from some PPA in my IG Speed MP 16/19 (which I didn't really like). So I'll leave it to others to comment.

But I am very happy with the full bed of Edge and aside from the extra cost (which doesn't bother me) so far it ticks all the boxes.

I should probably add that while I was a state ranked junior back in my teens, age has caught up with me in my 40s. So while I want something relatively soft after having a bad experience with a few stiff frame/poly combinations, my technique and playing style seems to still be good enough to benefit from a full bed of poly.
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