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It shouldn't be too surprising at the varying responses you get. As for me, I wear the Barricade 7's for my tournament matches and seldom deviate. I wear size 8 with 2 pair of socks and they fit me like a glove. So much so, I never have any problems or the dreaded blisters.

I also have a pair of the Courtballistecs that I bought on clearance. I had always heard they were tight so I took the chance and ordered the 8 1/2. Even a half size "bigger" was pretty tight with very thin socks. I wore them for a practice match and had no problems but they have been regulated to being a casual shoe. If they offered them in a "wide" model, I"d certainly be more interested.

My take on this is that Nike has made their shoes narrower over the past few years which lead me to switch to Adidas for competitive play...

Not sure if this opinion helps but it's how my experience has been...
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