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Tom, I'm not much more advanced that you and this may have been pointed out already but I don't see much split-stepping going on during your points. Maybe once or twice I saw one when you were inside the service box but most groundstrokes were hit flat footed.

Split-stepping before every shot (and doing drills and practicing doing split-stepping) has really helped me become more mobile. I'm not much quicker but I can get to more balls because I'm using the momentum of the split step to get me going in the right direction. Split stepping, like most things related to tennis, has a lot to do with timing so you have to practice it a lot and make it an unconscious part of your game to get the most from it.

One activity that has helped me quite a bit in improving my split step and overall cardio is jumping rope. Get a decent rope and work up slowly. I do what are known as tabata drills by doing fast jumping for some period of time, say 10 to 30 seconds, then rest for some time and repeat, in groups of 8 to 10. Just my $.02 and good luck!
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