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Originally Posted by anubis View Post
I'm using hexy fiber as well, but not as a cross... in a full bed. I don't recommend it. Yes, it's very soft, but I think it would be terrible as a cross. It's way too rough -- has a lot of string friction. I'm afraid that even the slickest poly mains wouldn't slide well at all.

If you're going for a soft multi cross, you should go with the smoothest one you can find, nothing textured. You want the poly mains to just snap back almost as quickly as they would had you strung full poly.

One of the biggest reasons why poly is so effect with spin is because it returns back to its original position very quickly and without any help from the player. Part of the production of topspin is the string snapping back into place. If this snap back happens while the ball is leaving the string bed, then the strings will put even more spin on the ball.

but if the mains are locked in place or hindered by a very rough cross, then they wouldn't be doing their "duty" as spin-inducing mains should.
You're right about a full bed of Hexy Fiber. I tried the 16g and the mains and crosses do chew eachother up. And they're hard to straighten. But with a smooth (Cyber Flash 1.25) or slick (Dunlop Ice 17) main the Hexy 16 cross really holds up. I didn't need to straighten them and I had them in the racquet for at least 6 playing hours plus many idle hours. Given a compatible main string, there's no durability problem for Hexy Fiber. I'm 2 for 2 so far. But I wouldn't try Hexy Fiber with a rough or shaped poly main.

Have you tried it as a cross? It's a far better application than full bed. I'm thinking that down the road I may try a Hexy full bed with silicone spray next time.
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