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Originally Posted by Fintft View Post
That would presume that you got your own hitting partner; what are you a pro?

Maybe they have ball control issues during the match, but personally I need the warm just to find my shots (especially since most people just push the ball).

Bottom line, I try to ignore funny behavior and try to warm up normally, starting slowly/easy etc.

LOL I wish! Nah, I just have friends that play as well. I make arrangements to hit with people before my match begins. Usually it's people also playing the tournament that are in different parts of the bracket.

Also, I run lines, corners, stretch, practice serves, and hit against a wall (if there is one). All of which can be done solo.

Another idea is to control the pace of the warm-up. Tell your opponent you want to hit to your forehand. Tell them you want to hit you lobs and do overheads. That might help.
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