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Originally Posted by Feather View Post
I am NOT a Federer fanatic. Except for you, no one has called me a fanatic. I like Roger Federer but I like so many players. I have never said that Roger is a GOAT as I believe that it's an insult to all the legends of the game who played in different conditions.

The difference is, almost everyone calls you Federer hater..

Anyway, you are free to call me whatever you like
Okay, you are not a Federer fanatic. Then tell me why you and others insult me every time when I critisize a Federer weakness.

If almost everyone would call me a Federer hater, I would stop to write here. Fortunately there still are some fair posters even though the Federer admirers have already droven away that true gentleman pc1. Note: I mention him NOT only because he has defended me several times against unfair attacs.
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