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Man, I can't believe you left the toilet seat up!

I'm kidding. I know your situation very well, once my wife became preggers with our daughter, I gained a bunch of weight. Everyday it's a struggle to drop the weight.
I'm not where I used to be but I have managed to tone a little bit using an exercise program that I can do at my own pace; and playing tennis as often as I can.

The one thing I do when I play is that I push myself to hit as many balls as possible, it's too easy to let a ball go by because you might be a half step too late, you gotta make yourself get there and try! There's the ultimate satisfaction of dripping buckets of sweat after going hard for a couple of hours - the sweat is fat crying.

As far as workouts, try the Spartacus workout:

I do it in a small space and I only commit 30 minutes to this (it's as much as I can do right now). It's tough at first, but like everything else in life, it gets better.

Keep pushing my friend. We're here for you on these boards.
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