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Originally Posted by LeeD View Post
Those stormy, snowing days are the most fun to walk in. Think, we pay upwards of 90 bucks to ski and snowboard in those condition.
I feel the difference in just 15 lbs of excess weight. Like you, I'm an inch shy of 6', and played my best tennis at around 135 lbs., up to age 29.
Ballooned to 155 when I turned 35, I barely make it down to 145 after a summer of windsurfing, starving myself, and tennis.
After Christmas holidays, could barely move at 165 lbs. Now working back down around 158, heading in the right direction.
Get a g/f who rides her bike 50 miles just for fun (twice a week), and one who windsurfs 5 days a week, and likes to run 5 miles each day.
So you're saying you have 3 girlfriends? Teach me master LeeD
Bullfan, "Bull rap, there is video evidence." and "Dude it's on the Internet, and hasn't been hidden."
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