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Red ZX 1.27 / Black Magic 1.23 (53/52CP) summary

Crosses were too stiff to start with and the Black Magic 17 dominated the string bed. Felt too boardy with small too a sweetspot, low powered, and generally unforgiving.

Over the space of a few days the Black Magic lost tension and the characteristics of the ZX started coming to the fore much more (principally power and some touch).

However, the problem seems to be that the Black Magic loses too much tension over time and eventually there's not enough tension in the Black Magic crosses to keep though softer more powerful ZX mains in check. Playing for a couple of hours earlier on this evening the stringbed felt a bit overpowered on groundstrokes. Spin was harder to come by - are those strings really sliding well against each other? This really plays like a 'big flat hitting' string setup, good for hitting through the court - but not necessarily for hitting short angles. The power from the stringbed tends to lengthen the trajectory of the ball, particularly when flat hitting. I never really felt entirely in control of my groundstrokes though I found some success against my hitting partners by just trying to hammer the ball as hard as I could and relying on the power to create forced errors. Anything less than a perfectly hit flat ball though would sometimes send the ball sailing 3ft beyond the baseline. You can put rotations on the ball but you really have to work just that little bit harder to do so by whipping up behind the ball with alot more racquet speed, which was kind of fun because I could my opponent struggling a bit with the power, depth and jump of the ball off the court, but I never really felt complete confidence in doing so as in the back of my mind I was conscious of not sending the ball long. Stringbed still felt slightly overpowered. Volleys felt a bit too springy for my liking. Couldn't really get the strings to cut the ball enough for good slice serves, and the amount of power wasn't giving me confidence to really accelerate the racket head when trying to hit kick serves either.

Overall, not quite the ideal setup for me - feels too much like a bludgening instrument rather than a precision tool - though I could imagine that someone might like this type of setup if they wanted to play a big hitting baseline bashing game. Personally, I think it needs a different type of poly cross, probably something slightly less stiff and which holds tension a bit better but also allows the ZX to move/slide/snap back etc. Just goes to show that strings that might play well seperately as full beds may not necessarily work as a hybrid.

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