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Originally Posted by DonDiego View Post
Oh... I just realized you're talking about the Team, a very different racquet.
Yes, very very different. Kinda like Ford trucks and comparing a Ranger with an F-150...

I have played with the K6.1, BLX 6.1 (black and red frame) and the current amplifeel 6.1. All within the last few weeks. I find that there is not much difference between the K6.1 and the BLX, I could probably use them interchangeably. The amplifeel model just feels different. I realized that you don't think you hit the ball as hard because of the frame, when it fact you did. The feedback is different, but I think the power is pretty much the same, make sense? For the record, all three were played with Prince Premier Attack 17 at 55lbs, and I replaced the stock grips with Babolat skin feel.

My preference is the K6.1, mostly because I've used them on and off for a long time.
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