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Originally Posted by TroutSc View Post
How's the 8 or 10 compare to v1? I went from the pb7 to the v1. Loving the v1 so far, may bring it up to 11 or so ozs soon for fun.
The 10s have great feel if you're good enough to play with them. If you're not, they are too much racquet, as they are real precision sticks, especially the X10 295 because of its lighter weight. The lighter X8 is great if you want a topspin 100in2 like a Bab PDR without arm pain, but only if your swing speed is only moderate. The heavier X8 is awesome for spin if your swing speed is fast. The lighter X8 is Volkl's best seller after the V1, AND....there will be a new V1 coming in the summer!
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