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Originally Posted by Mick3391 View Post
Tom, you are my friend so answer me honestly and bluntly.

Why is it that some think I make wild claims or brag? Some I just ignored as troublemakers, but Ash Smith and you seems to agree to an extent.

When I first joined, I put 6.0 player. Reason is because I looked at the ratings, and since I have beaten pro's I thought I should put 7.0. My older brother of 9 years beat pros, and I destroy him since I was a kid. Someone said you have to be ranked to be 6.0, turns out to be wrong, so I lowered it to 5.5. See I believe false humility is a lie. Also I think some can't imagine a very good player being on this forum.

So it's like "Well should I lie to go along and get along", or just tell the truth. I tell the truth and get reemed for it. Soon we'll all know as my camera is in the mail, and we play several times a week. When you say "I'm a 3.0 working on 3.5", no one has any problem with that, when someone says 6.0, some try to misquote or poke holes into what I claim.

"Beating a wall", that was a joke. Destroying a 5.5 player who has quit USTA tourneys because he got bored winning, that is true. Destroying the top female WA University player is true. The 5.5 even said "You have way too many tools, I can't beat you". Should I lie in the interest of not rubbing people the wrong way? Shouldn't this be about truth?

I could play since I was 11, it was just natural and no problem, has been ever since, again do I lie?
I wouldn't worry about it Mick. You made an honest estimate of what you think your NTRP might be and put it out there. It's pretty high, so there's going to be some skepticism. I recall challenging any USTA computer NTRP 3.0 (my league isn't USTA) to a match a while back and it stirred up some controversy ... particularly with one TT poster (NTRPolice, if I recall correctly) who was, at that time, a USTA computer rated 3.0, but who turned out to be closer to between a 3.5 - 4.0 in skill. He also turned out to be very helpful in certain threads.

What I hope you don't feel compelled to do is to get out on your injured leg to get videos. It's really not that important that the skeptics be quieted. Let us all wonder just how good you are for a little longer ... at least until the ligament heals. Focus on getting vids of Mick, Jr.
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