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Originally Posted by BobbyOne View Post
Okay, you are not a Federer fanatic. Then tell me why you and others insult me every time when I critisize a Federer weakness.

If almost everyone would call me a Federer hater, I would stop to write here. Fortunately there still are some fair posters even though the Federer admirers have already droven away that true gentleman pc1. Note: I mention him NOT only because he has defended me several times against unfair attacs.
its because you point out non-existent weaknesses ( like lack of touch ) and exaggerate his "weaknesses"

I myself have said federer can be defensive with his BH/returning , his volleys can be sloppy at times and that he can be stubborn with his strategy at times ....

but if you say he can't volley or his BH doesn't work vs any top player (in a baseline-dominated era ) and can't change strategies at all ( when he's done that many times ) ...... reasonable people who've seen much much more of federer than you have are bound to criticize you ...(krosero himself has very politely pointed out the tons of flaws in your arguments)
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