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Originally Posted by NatF View Post
Soderling won his 2010 RF QF with Federer.
Ya I screwed up there that was me being totally stupid.

But my point of putting the Rafa vs Soderling match on my list is that no one in a million years would have expected it. That would be like if Falla had beaten Fed at Wimbledon that one year. Beating Rafa at the French, the only loss Rafa has ever had there, is more impressive than his beating Fed there in 2010.

Granted no one thought he would beat Fed there after Fed beat him in 2009, but 2010 was overall for Fed as huge step down anyway. The Rafa win, him knocking out the 4 time defending champion and best clay court player in the world, is to me bigger and more worthyof inclusion than beating Fed in 2010.

Rafa on clay for his entire career has been near invincible, so for someone like Soderling to heat him at the french, knees or not, is pretty much the epoch of one match peak play..especially since Rafa straight settled him in 2010.
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