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Originally Posted by DonDiego View Post
Thanks Anubis. In fact, I find the power of the BLX to be just what I need. I asked about the ncode just to know if it was the same power or lower than the BLX.

This being said, the BLX is far from being ''extremely lowpowered''. Maybe low-powered compared to other iterations of the six one 95, but surely not compared to other racquets in general.

That's what I tought too. But I tried RPM Blast (a poly) at 58 and found it a bit too powerful for my game. I much prefer the setup as described in my signature. I believe the ''control'' often associated with polys is a bit overrated. Some of them are powerful strings, more so than many multis.
Very good points and yes I agree 100% that the blx 95 is far from being low powered. You are also correct on all this talk about poly being so low powered when actually like you have found they can be more powerful than a multi string.

I have found that I need to string some of the poly strings tighter than I would a multi to get the control that I like, just the opposite of what many claim.
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