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Originally Posted by taurussable View Post
assume the Babolats are, how about Head MG rads specifically?
Wilson BLX Pro Open
Dunlop 500 Tour Series
Dunlop Bio 400 Tour
Head Extreme Series
Bab Pure Drive, Bab Aero Pro Drive.. etc

Any frame that requires very fast head speed and tons of spin to get ball in the court with...the frames above have been designed to compliment modern strokes. (IN GENERAL).

Volkl C10 Pro and Head Radical MP.... Wilson PS 6.0 85... old school. That is not to say that you can't play modern tennis and use modern strokes with these frames.... But the modern game did not exist (IN GENERAL) with they hit the market. One final note... modern strings can help you play the modern game with an old school frame.

Hope that helped.. (IN GENERAL)..
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