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Originally Posted by big ted View Post
can somebody explain the differences in the models?
from what i know -
t2000 - small circle head
t3000 - small circle head w crossbar
t4000 - small circle head w crossbar and dampener on handle?
t5000 - was it made?
tx6000 - what does x stand for? head looks more oval, is it larger? string spacing denser in middle... also the steel tubing has different shape. looks thicker and stiffer?

mostly wondering about tx6000, if this is a standard size head? looks larger..

personallly i think the 3000 was best one tho havent tried 4000. 2000 was good too. thought 6000 was maybe lacked feel and stiffer?
My sort of thread

And don't forget the:-
Jimmy Connors C-1

The Wilson III is probably the rarest of the Wilson metal T-Series:-

I think like the "C-1 Jimmy Connors" it's an updated version of the T3000?

Oh, and the T4000 was the one with the dampner in the end covered by the black dome, and the T5000 just had the dampner!
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