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Originally Posted by Sanglier View Post
But that's progress in a profit-driven world, isn't it?

For those who were raised on woodies in a different era, our molded plastic "classics" probably looked like cheap modern abominations that took much of the "sport" out of their beloved game.

Perhaps twenty years from now, when the current twenty-somethings are in their mid-forties and are picking up tennis again after a burnout-imposed hiatus, they will wax nostalgic about these harsh-playing and eyeball-jarring Chinese frames of their youth, and spend an unhealthy amount of time and resource collecting surviving examples of these rare frames (and rare they will be, because models are turned over annually, while many frames would have perished by then through entropy). They will also complain bitterly about a market dominated by "free" Burkina Faso-made shape-shifting racquets that are programmed to match one's exact physiology/skill level/mood in real time, which map directly to one's cerebellum and basal ganglia through an ultra-expensive skull cap, and which would only hold its shape in 30 minute increments after one authorizes a credit card charge, unless one buys a minimum two year subscription with a monthly installment plan; overages and color-shifting extra ...
Great post, I missed this somehow. I'm looking forward to the shape-shifting rackets in particular
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