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Originally Posted by Povl Carstensen View Post
I am on a quest to find the one of my approx. 90' rackets I really, really like the best. I have: Vac 90 Pro, Prestige, PSO, PSC, Yonex RD ti 70, MW100, HM100, Redondo, ROK, K90, BLX6.1, Head Graphite Pro, DunlopMAX100G and Volkl tour 10.
Results so far: MW100 has great pocketing. HM less so, but a lot of spin, fun. Redondo has bit to little power and sweet spot. PSC a bit too stiff and powerfull. K, BLX, Graphite Pro and MAX 200G feels comparably too heavy for me at the moment. Right now my favourite is the Fischer90. Its aerodynamic profile gives it a bit more forward power than the box beams, making it a bit more direction/height precise and playable, with perhaps a bit less spin. I will post further findings.
I am using Gosen OG Micro 16 at 22kgs for 18x20 rackets, 24kgs for 16x19, 23kgs for the 16x20 VAC90.
Asian K90 is my favorite.
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