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Originally Posted by Pbarrow View Post
This is what I learned as proper etiquette for the USTA 10 minute tournament warm-up time:

Flip coin or racket spin first and determine side/serve.
~2 mins short court groundies (let ball bounce, not volleys)
~5-6 mins full court groundies, middle court and cross court
~1 min each at net volley/options (ask for overheads etc)
~2-3 mins serve to each other 3 balls at a time, catch balls unless you ask to return.

Does this sound about right?
Well you listed a minimum of 11 minutes of warm up time, so no.

I rarely see a short court warm ups at tournaments. Generally 3-4 minutes full court groundies. 2 minutes each or so at net. 2 minutes for serves. You are right about catching the balls. Unless it's near the end of the serve warm-up, I can't stand when someone returns my warm-up serves because then I don't know whether to keep serving or hit them back.
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