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Originally Posted by Dasol View Post

I demoed the blade 16X19 today, and I really liked it! Very solid, stable, and crisp, and also very fast to swing!

Maybe it is just for me, but after two sets, I felt slight wrist pain. So I switched to the PDR 12, and strangely the PDR 12 felt less stiff than the Blade...

Both of them were strung by multi, and I liked everthing from the Blade but it felt a little too stiff for me.

Could you guys recommend a frame which plays like the Blade (solid, stable, crisp) but less stiff?

Thank you in advance!
Hmm, interesting. Can't say I personally find the 16x19 to be stiff per se (and that's with full Tour Bite as well.) Is it possibly more a case of the particular balance and weighting I wonder? Also, haven't played the PDR 12, but if it's anything like the PD 12 which I found to be near on unplayable due to the awful arm-juddering harshness, well, that surprises me.
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