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I have to say this because probably no one else will---the well-hit lob is one of the most-underrated, best-kept secrets in club tennis. Other than 6.0+ players, virtually no one can consistently run down a well-placed lob and hit it back for a winner---and certainly not 3.5/4.0/4.5 club players. If you aren't trying to win the point outright, but to drive the ball deep into a corner and force your opponents onto defense, you will come out better in the vast majority of cases with this shot. Most players don't have that mindset though, and want to try for completely unrealistic winners they can barely pull off in their dreams. Goes back to the other question Cindy asked about why so many tennis players over-estimate their own abilities. Perfect case in point here. Instead of remaining calm and hitting the smart, higher-percentage shot, they try something they can make maybe 5% of the time. LOL. Lob. LOB. LOB!!!!! Then follow it in and pick off the weak return.
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