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Originally Posted by Benhur View Post
My impression is that 4.0 would be enough to win the majority of meetings. And a 4.5 would never lose.
I'd agree with this assessment.

I've played woodie tournaments/pro-ams before. The adjustment isn't that tough for a high level player because of solid fundamentals. You soon figure out what you can and can't do and you figure out how to play. For example, for me the adjustment was getting used to a sweetspot that was a little farther away from the handle and the small head/dense pattern means you don't get as much bite on the ball as you would with a modern racket. Against a 3.5 player a 4.0 or 4.5 player still has the advantage in the mental game. A typical 3.5 won't have the weapons to hurt you and once I get into the net there really isn't a lot of difference between playing with a wood racket and playing with a modern racket (unless you get into some quick volley exchanges then you realize just how sluggish it is).
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