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Originally Posted by boredone3456 View Post
I think for the women you could argue any of maybe 8 women for tops in this category. When Connolly, Court and Graf won their calender year slams they were seen as unstoppable. Same for Martina when she ripped through 6 in a row and for Serena during the Serena slam. Lenglen and Moody were so much better than everyone else in their time they could beat them down on a bad day. Evert was so darn consistent that even her bad days looked phenomenal. I guess if I tried to take a totally objective look and totally throw out accomplishment I might rank them like this

1. Lenglen
2. Serena
3. Graf
4. Martina
5. Court
6. Connolly (she was so young..I think sans accident her best was actually yet to come)
7. Evert (I cannot believe I am putting her here but well...I can't say she can go higher?)
8. Moody (OK maybe here I took her match with Lenglen into account)

That's just ranking those 8. Then there are people like King, Seles, Henin, Bueno, Venus, Goolagong..

Heck I could honestly make arguments for people like Davenport or Mandlikova who achieved way less but when they clicked were just stellar to watch.
boredone, I believe that the difference between Lenglen and Moody should not be so big. Willd Moody was unbeaten for eight years...
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