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Mustard, with that last post, you have just made me realize that Laver over Rosewall is the men's GOAT.

Why? Because these arguments just shouldn't be so difficult to make with a GOAT.

You should not have to do complex what-if hypotheticals and excuse-making for a GOAT. I've done this for years concerning Rosewall. I can't give him the nod anymore. He had five shots at Wimbledon... and he didn't make it. I'm sorry... that's all there is to it.

And Laver did it. Laver played in the Professional league, too.

But here's the other thing that convinced me. If I compare Laver's entire career to Rosewall... including the Professional and Open era... it goes to Laver. Even though Rosewall did beat Laver in the Professional league.

Laver just accomplished more over the entire period than Rosewall did.
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