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Originally Posted by BobbyOne View Post
boredone, I believe that the difference between Lenglen and Moody should not be so big. Willd Moody was unbeaten for eight years...
The question asks who at their absolute best, with everything clicking, on their best day ever, playing the match of their life, is the best ever..and as Hood states in the OP..achievements do not count. I looked at it as objectively as I could. I put Evert 7th and she won 90% of all the matches she ever played. I consider Navy and Graf to be 1 & 2 all time based on achievements but yet they aren't 1&2 on my list of just peak play on their best day.

From everything I have read about Lenglen she could just do anything. I have read quotes from women who played them both and partnered them both in doubles who said Lenglen was better.

I honestly had a tough time doing that list as I am sure Hoodjem did with the guys, literally anyone of those 8 could be #1..which I said as well.

Feel free to make your own list

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