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about to look at the video, thanks!

something else I was thinking about

"OK, 1 sec here. I'm seeing Fish with a pistol grip for the most part, not a hammer grip. So with that said, plus the fact that I'm seeing his hand not far under the handle on his forehand (I can't see where his knuckles are exactly, but they look between E and SW, not W), I can't imagine that any characteristics of his grip(s) are causing that high beta angle. If that is true, I can't see how he's not locking his wrist into the 90 degree position."

I WOULD have said that if I didn't look at some Federer forehands right after (Fish using a pistol grip and not a western grip are true, though). There are plenty out there that show the same beta angle as Fish's. Same with Verdasco. This leaves me to believe that it's (at least) a result of hitting a straight arm fh way out in front of the body while utilizing the SSC, but that it is situational based on how well in position you are and/or shot selection (toly's picture of Verdasco). Anyone else have an explanation as to why?

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