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Originally Posted by gavna View Post
Do think so.......he uses the same sole......the upper same the differences are pretty small.......the Achilles part is for sure a comfort and support issue. The toe drag material yea that would burn thru fast.
His sole is completely different to the retail one (for hard courts) - his has mostly negative detailing whereas the retail ones have positive detailing (see here). The sole also has the flared edge in the forefoot which his custom versions have had for a number of years.

Similarly, his shoes are not the same shape as the retail shoe - they seem broader across the forefoot. They also have a different tongue and don't have the inner foot plastic wear guards below the top lacing holes.

Originally Posted by gavna View Post
Also every other pro who wears the V9s have the same shoe as the mere mortals........Fed the only dude who gets the customs it seems. Not a big deal just interesting.
Not so. Sharapova wears custom jobs which differ to the retail shoes in as many ways as Federer's..
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