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Originally Posted by storypeddler View Post
Well, tennis is an individual sport, so there is a matter of ego involved. If I lost in football or basketball, my team lost. But if I lose in tennis, it is on me and there is no other explanation except that my opponent beat me. I have seen people stink up the court and then try to convince everyone (and themselves apparently) just how well their opponent played that day. LOL. I don't think ALL tennis players are delusional in this way---but I have seen the same thing in golfers on many occasions. Instead of simply saying they played badly, they blame the course conditions, the temperature, the wind, the cloud formations that afternoon---anything to keep from admitting they stunk up the links. Admittedly, it can sometimes be difficult to determine exactly what percentage of your loss was due to your poor play and what was due to your opponent's good play, but even then, unless you are making a crapload of unforced errors, it is likely your opponent's good play that is causing you to play poorly---so again there is no hiding place from the truth. Another factor I am convinced plays into this is that lots of tennis players watch the pros play on television or in person and they are convinced that it must be a relatively simple thing to play the same way when THEY take the court. They don't spend hours and hours each day working on their strokes and they don't get themselves exceptionally fit, but they still except to hit winners all over the place when they have a match. Since they don't, it is easier on the ego to assume it must be some other factor. Truth is, Cindy, you touch on a very good point---the majority of tennis players aren't as good as they tell themselves they are, and an equally small percentage can evaluate their game with a critical eye and draw valid and helpful conclusions. Club players aren't pros, and when they try to mimic what they see the pros do, it ALWAYS falls unbelievably short of what they THINK they should be able to do. Most weekend tennis players are just like most weekend warriors in any sport---they do little in the way of preparation, and then when they fail to live up to some unrealistic standard, they assume it was due to something betond their power to control. LOL.
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