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Even I, the greatest tennis player around (if only), have the ability to hit with that Fish position (on a good day :P )

That was from when Cheetah had me make a few adjustments to my strokes (video at the top of, and that shot in particular stood out from the rest, it just felt awesome. At the time, I was using a SW grip, pistol grip, and straight arm. You can see that at contact I have a very high beta angle, but believe me that shot had plenty of pace, I'd even say more pace than spin, so I'm not 100% sold on the 0 degree beta angle = max speed. I did not lock my wrist back, so this just goes with what I was saying above about Fed and Verdasco (and Fish), the SSC, and the beta angle being situational. On ground strokes, it's not as easy to control your beta angle as it is for the serve, where it should pretty much be totally under your control.
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