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I'm about to join the club. Will order 3 and I expect them to be delivered until next weekend.

Have been playing with the IG Prestige MP for the past year, and although I really like it, especially when compared to the last Youtek version, it was very underpowered in stock form and I never managed to find the right lead setup to add a bit more power.

After reading all about the 95D in this topic and in others, it seems to be a pretty nice choice: same weight, a bit HLer( which benefits my 1HBH ), and some extra power for groundstrokes and serves. The only thing that I'm not yet convinced is the 16x20 stringbed, 18x20 is my favorite.

Also, how is Yonex QC treating you guys? I know it's pretty good, but have been away from the brand for the couple past years so I'm not sure if the current models are as good as the old ones in this department.

Can't wait to put my hands on them!
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