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Hey all!

Thanks for the tips Tom! My ladyfriend has more then enough photography equipment, I hope to borrow it one day soon to get some good footage!

Figured you guys would get a kick out of this:

Changed my service motion pretty much completely. I finally figured out what was still irking my shoulder blade, and it was the way I was "dropping" into trophy position. It's amazing that with abbrivating my take back and drop, how much more power I'm able to get, and how much shoulder is feeling 1000 times better. I was able to go and hit extremely comfortable first serves with 99% pain free. I'm so happy that I finally figured out a way to address the issue.

I still will have to get the technique checked out, as I know it's a bit funky toss wise and the way my body torques up definitely is a bit different then normal. Also forgot to add, I switched to a pinpoint stance a while ago. Noticing much better results on my serves. It feels even more natural then platform did, (and I was such a huge advocate of platform!) It's amazing that I didn't experiment earlier, as I am just hitting the cover off the ball. It's still a bit unreliable, but technically April still counts as my off season before outdoor where play gets serious, so I have some time to work on it.

I based it off the Sam Groth model of serving. For those of you who don't know who he is, here is one of my favourite serving videos on Youtube of a pro!

This style of serving provided the biggest hit serves of my life, which simply astounded me. It's the first time in my life where I felt that my serve was truly "high level". (What made it better was the Div 1 guys who were playing on a court next to me commented on how big it sounded!) I'm starting to sound like a few other posters on here, but I was extremely happy with how well my serve progressed because I toyed around with a new motion. I can't wait to use it outdoors where it will be an even bigger weapon. I really want to get video to see exactly what I'm doing, as my spacial awareness is sometimes a bit skewed when it comes to serving.

Anywho, Hope everyone is a having a good weekend!


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