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Originally Posted by Antonio Puente View Post
It depends on where you are in Canada. Not sure if BC stands for British Columbia or not, but I've read polls suggesting it's as high as 20% in parts of Canada. Obviously, 20%(in parts) couldn't pass a referendum, but the sentiment is there, which is why I used it as an example. Similarly, a portion of Scotland would prefer to be independent, but that's unlikely to happen as well.
I'm sorry, you're just wrong. The sentiment is absolutely not there. The vast majority of Canadians look at America these days and just feel sorry for them. They were smart enough to elect (and re-elect) a good president but dumb enough to allow the country to be gerrymandered so much that loony right wingers get elected to office even though the majority voted for the other party. Canadians who keep up with current events and aren't bedazzled by empty Hollywood glitz and glamour know that Canada is a better and happier country. American exceptionalism is a hollow tenet.
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