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Originally Posted by Relinquis View Post
The poll is poorly worded. Are we voting yes/no for the sanctions or for the shirt ripping? It's ambiguous.

I don't think it should be banned, just ridiculed. It was a bit tasteless in my opinion and contradicts the ultra-defensive manner in which he played the match. I feel the same way about the bicep flexing/kissing that some of the other pushers, sorry players, do after points.

I don't think he intended to cause offense, rather was focused on being an celebrity entertainer and congratulating himself. I think it was a cheesy move, but Novak is a cheesy guy (gagnam style overuse anyone?) so it isn't out of character. This isn't WWF, I would have thought only small children would find the hulk hogan theatrics entertaining, perhaps I was wrong.
I like it when Relinquis posts because then I don't have to. quoted for TRUTH.

However, I have referenced the WWF in a positive way in my comments on Murray's on court demeanor, but that was a different context. I don't feel I am contradicting myself.
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